Assessment 2 – Trent Reznor –

For Assessment 2 I have decided to explore two of the techniques hat Trent Reznor would use when he is producing for Nine inch nails, not only using the same techniques but also emulating the same sound of the band,aking much of my influence from the track ‘The Warning’. The first technique that I have emulated is the Reznor’s  Cacophony of beats. This technique involves making a range of drum beats and then arranging them into a new drum beat, Reznor talks about how he created this “We would create—with no preconceived notion of what it was going to sound like—several different rhythm sections or drumbeats and then chop between them to create something else,”. When listening to the track ‘The Warning’ you can here this technique used very clearly at the start and throughout the piece never particularly changing. In my Track I have created a very similar drum part using 5 different including white noise.

This is a screenshot of the drum part.

As seen in the screenshot there are 4 drum machine parts and one white noise part. Something I found to recreate the technique like in ‘The Warning’ is that it is better to have all of the parts relatively short, as this gives off a feeling of it being more of a mix rather than individual drum parts.

Another technique that Reznor uses is Re-amping, this is the process of re-recording the original recording through an amp, the outcome from this makes the track sound a lot fuller as it adds a lot more texture to it. The re-amped track can be used on its own or with the original, for my track I have used both together as it gives it a lot more depth. To create  this technique I used the following equipment: A DI Box, Marshall Amp and A Shure SM57 Microphone.

Re-amping setup

For my track the only thing that I didn’t particularly like about the technique was that I was experience a lot of feedback which tainted the recording, although i tried to integrate this creatively in the track.



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